Picturing Women 
Picturing Women explores how women are figured, fashioned, turned into portraits, and told about in words and pictorial narrative.
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Hot off the press! Look for the companion book for the 'Picturing' Women project in August 2011, which includes a CD-ROM version of this Web site, so that you will have access to its resources long after it's been taken down.
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Juxtaposing Art and Artifacts from the past and present, we ask:
What constitutes Female Identity?
How is it Culturally Constructed in images, artifacts and texts?
What roles have these artifacts played in Defining Women's Places in society, how they have been pictured Historically and are pictured Today?

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We explore the role of fashion and it's changing nature throughout history. Whether this be the effect and inference that can be drawn from the style of clothing to the luxury connotations of jewelery. We examine how the material of clothing and the addition of high value items such as diamonds had an effect on social standing both from a contemporary viewpoint as well as a modern viewpoint. The role of diamond rings, whether in an engagement ring, or just dress rings, has been a continuing theme in the presentation of women throughout time; evidenced in modern terms by the sheer volume of stores such as Samara James, now stocking vintage engagement ring designs and how this holds true in early periods of history. Why has the diamond become such a symbol of feminine beauty? We discuss this and more in our upcoming article, stay tuned!




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The history of the representation of women is one that often pictures partial and full nudity along with other explicit depictions. Some contemporary artists have chosen to respond to such conventions in similarly explicit ways. This Web site reflects both historical conventions and contemporary responses. These images can be challenging for younger viewers in particular, but each one offers the opportunity for questioning, discussing, and learning.